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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cake from scratch...

Last night we were having a small celebration for Caity's birthday at my mom's house. I know that it seems like Caity had a birthday that lasted a week, but now you know why I think my birthday is a week long. We celebrate with my dad and with my mom and sometimes even with Trevor's mom, if she is up. So yeah, that makes for 3 or 4 birthday parties.

Anyway, I remembered yesterday on the way to church that I hadn't made Caity a cake, and also, I didn't have a cake mix or frosting. I went over to my mom's to see if she had one that I could still, but she also had only brownies and no cake. I was about to go to the store to get a cake mix when I realized that I probably had everything that goes in a cake in my pantry. I came home, googled a recipe, and baked a cake from scratch. If you google 1-2-3-4 Cake you will probably find the exact recipe that I used, but it wasn't too delish, just okay. I also made the icing. I made that with 3 cups powdered sugar, half a cup of butter, 2 tsp vanilla, and a splash of milk. I also added some red and blue food coloring to make it purple. I would have to say that I am getting pretty crafty after all! dun dun dun!

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