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Monday, March 5, 2012

Bountiful Baskets and Menu for March 3rd through 9th

As you can see, this week's basket was pretty awesome. There is some new foods for us to try, but mostly just favorites that we have often. As you can see we got a pineapple, a cantalope, 8 bananas, 6 Kiwis, 6 bananas, 3 yellow mangos (if you haven't had these before, you have to wait until they are wrinkled to eat. They look bad, but it is good), 3 bell peppers, 5 Anaheim peppers, some brussel sprouts, 3 english cucumbers, broccoli, butter lettuce (still living.. with roots on it), and Yukon Gold potatoes.

From all that perfect produce, I came up with a great menu for suppers this week. I will bold the recipes that I plan on posting!

Saturday: Tuna Casserole and Green Beans (fail, we ate out)
Sunday: Turkey Steaks, Cheesy Mashed potatoes (left over russets), and left over salad
Monday: Cheesy potatoes and ham (left over frozen potatoes made to hashbrowns) tossed salad
Tuesday: Chicken burritos (black beans, chicken, onion, lettuce, peppers), Spanish rice
Wednesday: Lettuce wraps and Chow mein
Thursday: Lasagna and green salad
Friday: Roasted red potatoes and oven roasted whole chicken with applewood rub

A sweetly savory treat for lunch!!

Sometimes the kids want to have something special for lunch.. and I don't blame them. Well, I have been wanting to have some sweet potatoes recently, and I just really enjoy them roasted in the oven. A couple day care kids and I went off to Walmart to see what special treats we could find, and this is what came to mind for me. Also, I had been eyeing some strawberries that were on "Rollback".  

Here is what I did to create our yummy sweet taters:

 Step 1 (pictured above): Peel and dice those suckers. I think mine are in 1 inch peices.. maybe some smaller some bigger because I am not a professional chef....

Step 2: Take your ingredients, pictured above, and toss them all together on a sheet pan. I use about 2 TBLS of oil for 2 sweet potatoes, then salt and pepper to taste. If you like yours sweet, this is where you could add some cinnamon, nutmeg etc.

Step 3: bake the potatoes at 425 until you are happy with the tenderness. This batch took 20 minutes. I have had it take up to 40.. just watch them.

Pair with a little cheese melt and some strawberries and you have a delicious and healthy lunch.. YUM! The kids ate their lunch all up with no complaints, in case you wondered how it went over.