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Monday, March 5, 2012

A sweetly savory treat for lunch!!

Sometimes the kids want to have something special for lunch.. and I don't blame them. Well, I have been wanting to have some sweet potatoes recently, and I just really enjoy them roasted in the oven. A couple day care kids and I went off to Walmart to see what special treats we could find, and this is what came to mind for me. Also, I had been eyeing some strawberries that were on "Rollback".  

Here is what I did to create our yummy sweet taters:

 Step 1 (pictured above): Peel and dice those suckers. I think mine are in 1 inch peices.. maybe some smaller some bigger because I am not a professional chef....

Step 2: Take your ingredients, pictured above, and toss them all together on a sheet pan. I use about 2 TBLS of oil for 2 sweet potatoes, then salt and pepper to taste. If you like yours sweet, this is where you could add some cinnamon, nutmeg etc.

Step 3: bake the potatoes at 425 until you are happy with the tenderness. This batch took 20 minutes. I have had it take up to 40.. just watch them.

Pair with a little cheese melt and some strawberries and you have a delicious and healthy lunch.. YUM! The kids ate their lunch all up with no complaints, in case you wondered how it went over.

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