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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another Chicken recipe

Today, after reading about my uber yummy chicken recipe from before, as well as seeing that all that was thawed in my fridge for meat was chicken, I decided to make some marinaded chicken. I find marinades more complicated without soy and gluten in my life. I was searching for inspiration and found several that suggested honey and lime, which would have been good, but I don't have a lime. I found more that suggested Dijon and oil and vinegar, like a simple vinaigrette. I made the decision to go with a honey Dijon marinade. After searching around a bit more I found that basically an equal amount of honey and Dijon with some oil added would work. I found a recipe here and it was really yummy. I just mixed it up in a zip top bag and rubbed it onto the chicken breasts. Sunny Anderson recommended to let it sit for at least 2 hours. Mine was at 12 hours by the time it was cooked.

I cooked it on my griddle because it was too hot to grill..... Here is a picture:

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