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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spamaroni and Cheese

Since this winter, our kids are pretty into Spam. We have several meals that we make with Spam and as long as I am not eating it plain, I am good with it. The first thing that we like to do is Spamaroni and cheese. When we make this, we use a gluten free mac and cheese (usually a brand called Annies because it is relatively inexpensive and Andruw really likes it) and a can of diced Spam. If I am feeling somewhat kind, I will make Trevor, AKA Captain Gluten, Kraft Mac and Cheese. Usually this is the case. It is hard to do both kinds side by side and avoid cross contamination. Watching this happen probably seems like a whole new level of OCD to a person who doesn't understand. Separate pans, separate spatulas, don't let them touch, lots of hand washing after each time you touch the gluten spoon, separate strainers, hand washing again, don't forget that you already have separate butter containers in case of crumbs or double dipping. Being gluten free in a shared kitchen is a lot of work. Most of our dinners are just gluten free to protect me from the insanity ;)

Another meal that we have often is Spam, bacon, and egg sandwiches. Yes, the meal is as greasy as it sounds. We are definitely far from Vegetarians on this meal. I like to start the bacon on my griddle, then start the toast in the oven (because crumbs, toaster, who wants to deal with that OCD). When the bacon is cooked to your taste, then fry up the sliced spam and fry some eggs. I will say, it is better when the eggs are fried over hard IMO, but please fry your eggs how you like. About this time, your toast should be done and you can pull it out and put some Miracle Whip or whatever you use on it. Make sure that you use the right one and don't touch Captain Gluten's bread if you don't have to or, you got it, hand washing. MMM, it is so good with a little cheese, a side of hashbrowns, and a glass of juice (or Coke Zero, who am I kidding?).

Happy Spam adventures..

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